Organising committee

Organising committee:

General Chairs:

  •   Marcus IM, Macao Polytechnic Institute, China
  •   Yue Gao, Queen Mary University of London, UK

General Vice Chair:

  •   Andrea Cavallaro, Queen Mary University of London, UK

TPC Chairs:

  •   Polychronis Koutsakis, Murdoch University, Australia
  •   Dilip Krishnaswamy, IBM Research, India

Steering Committee:

  •   Marco Conti, IIT-CNR, Italy
  •   Sajal K. Das, Missouri University of Science & Technology, USA

Workshops Chairs:

  •   Marco di Felice, University of Bologna, Italy
  •   Salil Kanhere,The University of New South Wales, Australia

Publicity Chairs:

  •   Georgia Koutsandria, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy
  •   Danda B. Rawat, Howard University, USA
  •   Sio Tai Cheong, Macao Polytechnic Institute, China

Panel Chairs:

  •   Jiannong Cao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
  •   Wei Zhang, The University of New South Wales, Australia

Demonstration Chairs:

  •   Wenge Rong, Beihang University, China
  •   Yan Zhang, University of Oslo, Norway

PhD Forum Chairs:

  •   Andreas Reinhardt, TU Clausthal, Germany
  •   Rong Yu, Guangdong University of Technology, China

Publication Chairs:

  •   Victoria Manfredi, Wesleyan University, USA
  •   Rita Tse, Macao Polytechnic Institute, China

Local Arrangement Chairs:

  •   Tong Chan Lam, Macao Polytechnic Institute, China
  •   Koon Kei NG, Macao Polytechnic Institute, China

Finance & Registration Chair:

  •   Yonghe Liu, University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Web Chair:

  • Xingjian Zhang, Queen Mary University of London, UK
  • Yapeng Wang, MPI-QMUL ISRC, China